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262 thoughts on “Реконструкция и строительство недвижимости во Франции

  1. J'aime les charlottes faites à partir de fromage blanc. Elles me rappellent celles que l'on faisait quand on était petits … Elle est magnifique, celle que tu nous as préparée là …Bisous et bonne jonééehrulène

  2. PROBLEM JE NASTAL, KO SO MI IZ SIOLA POSTAVILI WIRELESS ZAÅ ÄŒITO. sploh pa nej ne oglaÅ¡ujejo modre Å¡tevilke al pa naj tam lepo povejo, da si mora vsak sam to nastavit. pa jih človek ne bi več klical, a ne. se stranki lepo pove: gospa, to si morate sami zrihtat. pa ne mi o dobri volji, ker je ta njihova dobra volja bolj zaj***Å ALABAJZERJI SO KER NE ZNAJO POVEDAT, DA NEKI NI V NJIHOVI PRISTOJNOSTI!!!kok vam pa plačuje siol, za tele commente??? aja, dobra volja… ja, res.Å¡alabajzerji pfuj…

  3. Great photos, Linda.AND I loved seeing the one of you and Mary. I was surprised you both had red hair. BY the way….I thought your hair looked cute. Seriously. It was nice to finally see you!

  4. Pod notkÄ… P. Lisiciego jest juz ponad setka komentarzy, a sam autor nie odezwaÅ‚ siÄ™ jeszcze ani raz, choć na koniec swej notki “zaprasza do dyskusji”… MyÅ›lisz, że to jest ten wÅ‚aÅ›nie legendarny szacunek dla czytelnika u autorów niepokornych? Czy siÄ™ stoi, czy siÄ™ leży, gazeta siÄ™ należy..?

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  6. Dear Jill–our next open session is May 21st at the Baltimore Free School from 2-3:30 PM. That’d be the best place to start. If you can’t come to that, you can email us at paralleloctaveATgmail and we can talk about what’s coming up. Looking forward to meeting you!

  7. Danke für dein feedback, Angelika!Die Auslotung der praktischen Möglichkeiten läuft, ja, um Qualität in den online-Seminaren garantieren zu können. Und ich bin selbst positiv überrascht, dass die Präsenz auch in einer Video-Konferenz gut zu spüren und zu halten ist.

  8. David,Thanks for the recommendations and links! =)There are several in my group that are VERY prone to seasickness. How long is the ferry ride to Rhodes? If the ferry rides aren’t too long, I think they can still make it through okay. Or should we just fly into one of the bigger islands as a better option? Off to read up more about Rhodes and check out the links!Thanks again!

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  12. Ricardo, está na hora de te mudares para paragens onde tua objectividade, inteligência e sanidade sejam apreciadas.As viúvas do Kadaffi residentes, não admitem a mínima crítica ao seu ídolo.A sua tolerância só abranje os camaradas que colaboram no fabrico da propaganda do governo de direita… mas só se, nas horas vagas, continuarem leais ao Kim Jong Il, Kadaffi e quejandos…

  13. Of off, tam öğle yemeği öncesi fena oldu bu görüntüler:)) süper gözüküyorlar, en kısa zamanda denemek lazım..bu arada bende sana ve tüm okuyuculara mutlu, sağlıklı yıllar diliyorummm,Burcu. (çeşmi:))

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  19. I realize that the Oregon Brewers Festival is in Oregon, but hopefully the WBC is smart enough to take into account that if they choose July 30th they will be competing with an already well established and well attended festival not far from us…

  20. I just avoid stores if at all possible during the week. I try my best to keep shopping to a 1/week outing. I rarely step foot into a mall unless something breaks or someone has outgrown clothes. If I shopped in person to look around for deals, I’d just have a ton more stuff I had no use for. IF I’m going to browse, it’s going to be at a tag sale where I can resell what I bought for the price I paid for it.

  21. I agree that as historians we need to remember that we do not know everything. It is clear that there are no primary sources to draw from but I think because of this, historians need to rely more on different fields such as archaeology and gather what they can from different forms of evidence.

  22. Awesome post Shelly! Thanks so much for sharing. As a father of four girls I want them to be healthy but not obsessed, and knowing how easily girls fall into this trap is always a concern. I’m so happy that you’ve worked it out and I certainly hope that your story will help out others that may be dealing with the same thing. Way to go, and congrats on the upcoming wedding!

  23. Consistency in using the same escape clause (the divine mystery) is not necessarily a virtue.I would like the next bit to be taken generally, I don’t mean to pick on you personally.I agree it is difficult to have a debate when you need to ask questions all the time, problem is that many of the anti-Jon-for-the sake-of-it brigade use this as a devise to avoid rational debate. I apologise for the dirty talk, rational is such a hated thing by the religious, stop asking questions its in the book.

  24. Isn't it strange that the same crowd that will defend the right for the patient on a ventilator to live forever as a vegetable is always ready to execute a convicted felon?The State should not be in the business of killing it's citizens no matter how heinous the crime.

  25. ich bin einer der genannten „freien künstler“, ja ich kämpfe tagtäglich mit musik, meinem gelernten handwerk (diese lehre dauert im vergleich zu einer herkömmlichen ein leben lang) wirtschaftlich über die runden zu kommen. gar nicht so einfach kann ich dir sagen.wow. deinen blog gelesen. vor soviel geballter dummheit, ignoranz, intoleranz und purem egoismus könnte ich kotzen. wenn das die zukunft ist, gute nacht.

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  30. lol, i've seen these photos before you even posted them on your blog..maybe flickr or tumblr or something. any case, you look adorabe. loving that anorak.xx,Christina

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  32. I’m sure the $2M went into O’s pocket. I think the botched oath was Roberts’ fault, or at least that’s what’s on the web now. Either way, the second oath was administered without a Bible. And ABC paid for the privilege of just being there.

  33. New "keep calm" poster–"Keep calm, or by my pretty floral bonnet, I will END you." Too bad Whedon turned out to be Alliance, not a Browncoat…..(sigh) We need another Milius in Hollywierd…

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  36. Great suggestion, Trent. For some reason I never consider B&W when I edit photos, even though I love the visceral, documentary feel B&W photos have. Scott Winterton used your suggestion with this image. The result is amazing.

  37. There is a definite feminine energy, and I like that you acknowledge it. So many times I hear women that want to act like men and women are exactly the same, and let’s face it we’re different and we each have our own set of strengths and weaknesses. Being a women should be embraced and celebrated, not diluted like many of my extreme feminist friends would like to see happen.

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  41. "It’s strange how exhausting this book is. I’m just coming up on being halfway through it and I’m tired. This is bleak and depressing and OF COURSE I LOVE ALL OF THAT, but I just want something to go right. For like…one chapter. Is that so much to ask?" Oh no.

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  48. {{{{{Susanne}}}}}It is hard to be *real* and yet I think the most effective ministry comes from people who are *real*. So know that this season in your life will bear fruit in the future.And be reminded that God’s love does not depend on your works. He will never love you more or less….he just loves you ABUNDANTLY no matter what! Read Ephesians 3:14-21, especially verse 18 to be reminded of HIS LOVE for YOU! My prayer is that this reminder will help you to see that there is no way you can be a failure for you live in the depth of His love. {{{{{Susanne}}}}}Blessings,Tammy ~@~

  49. You are absolutely right Jon to warn about the danger of adding complexity. But certain kinds of conversations – generally those that do not offer advice – can help to clarify the mind so that a creative solution is able to emerge. As a coach, I’m thinking particularly about coaching conversations. Interestingly, there is also the traditional Quaker practice of the which has the same aim.

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  58. Interesting comments, Dr Deb. I’m familiar with feelings of ambivalence in my own life, but more towards organisations (and decision making!) than towards individuals. I agree that CBT can be helpful – though at times i feel it can make me even more analytical and even more ambivalent!

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  67. harold, thanks for bringing up the points about Kobe’s matchup and Bangin’ Mbenga. Also, I’m not trying to imply that the team is better without Bynum; rather, the last two games excite me in terms of what this team could be with everyone active and running on all cylinders.

  68. “But I also know that there is often no right decision in life, that the best we can do is to dream big and try hard and do our best”For me. That is the key. The key to your decision – the right decision for you. And the key to all of my decisions (and, in my mind, everyone else’s decisions as well). There is so much in this post that is great.Good luck with your decision – and it sounds like you will have support in whatever your decision turns out to be.

  69. what I said. And I still think that arguing like that gives stupid people a bad name. So ball’s in your court. Prove to me that minorities were disproportionately affected by this financial meltdown before you begin your unjustified racist rants.

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  74. Är det ”negativt” att vara tvungen att ställning till om man kan eller inte kan? ”Oj, det kom litet hastigt pÃ¥” betyder att man behöver funderingsmarginal, inte att man kommer med kritik av den frÃ¥gande. Kränksjukan tar allt allvaligare former…

  75. Maybe you’re not smart enough or too lazy or immoral for law, too lacking in talent to entertain etc etc. Oh I know you make money! THAT is conning people but a better con would involve the use of words like SCIENTIFIC and PROOF in relation to an actual herb. You are just setting yourself up a career, not care whether products work, only that you can convince people that they do. Scientifically validated you say…there’s a lot of that about these days lol.

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